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Our Governors

Who are the Governors?

The Governing Body was reconstituted in September 2003 following amalgamation and parental ballots in the school. The composition of the present Governing Body is as follows. Governors can be contacted via the school. Clerk to the Governors – Children, Families and Learning, Vancouver House, Middlesbrough. Chair of Governors – Mrs L Green – can be contacted via the school.
Governing Board Membership Type Appointed By Term of office Attendance 2016/2017
Start End Attended  
Mrs S Thorpe   Mrs L Green * Mrs R Harrison Mrs P Jones Rev D King Mrs D Martin Mr M Pottinger Mr J Smith   Mrs A-M McNaughton Mrs L Spearing Mrs S Arshad   Mrs A Colegate Head   Co opted Co opted Co opted Co opted Co opted Co opted Co opted   Parent Parent Parent   Staff Ex Officio   GB GB GB GB GB GB GB   Elected Elected Elected   GB 01/0/2013   27/08/2016 13/11/2015 01/09/2015 08/11/2017 14/10/2016 18/06/2014 07/03/2014   19/01/2016 04/12/2014 10/10/2017   09/11/2017     26/08/2020 12/11/2019 31/08/2019 07/11/2021 13/10/2020 18/06/2018 06/03/2018   18/01/2020 03/12/2018 09/10/2021   08/11/2021 11/11   11/11 5/5 11/11 6/8 4/5 2/5 4/5   4/5 4/8 NA   4/5  
Full Governing Board   Finance & Staffing RASP Performance Management Safer Rec trained Governor Responsibility  
Mrs S Thorpe X X   X    
Mrs L Green* Chair X X X 16/10/15 Data, Safeguarding, Child Protection / SEND  
Mrs R Harrison   X        
Mrs P Jones Vice Chair X X X 11/02/11 Data/Writing, Safeguarding, Child Protection / SEND  
Rev D King X X X   Data  
Mrs D Martin   X     Health & Safety  
Mr M Pottinger   X     Health & Safety / PE  
Mr J Smith   X        
Mrs A-M McNaughton   X        
Mrs L Spearing X X        
Mrs S Arshad   X        
Mrs A Colegate   X     SEN/ Safeguarding English T&L  
*Also Governor at Acklam Grange School. **Concerns/Appeals Committee – Pool Membership (all governors except those employed in school in any capacity).  
Former Governors Type Appointed By Term of office
Start End
Councillor B Taylor Miss T Relph LA Parent GB Elected 27/08/2004 11/03/2011 26/08/2016 05/03/2017
The Governing Body recognises its responsibility to be the final arbiter on all policy matters and decisions concerning the management of the school. It is the Governing Body’s intention to delegate responsibilities adequately to a number of Committees and to the Head and staff to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of policy. The Chair of the Committees to agree with the Head Teacher the agenda and send to members 1 week prior to the meeting. The minutes of Committees will be presented to all Governors at the next full Governing Body meeting.  Major decisions may be referred to the full Governing Body where full consultation is felt advisable. The Governing Body has also established Working Parties without delegated powers to consider key issues with a view to recommending to full Governors a course of action.   FINANCE AND RESOURCES COMMITTEE                                    Quorum: 3 Remit
  1. To consider the budget allocation from the LA and approve a budget for the financial year.
  2. To vire between budget headings during the course of year
  3. Day to day management be delegated to the Head Teacher
Spending Limits in line with school financial procedures
  1. To the Head Teacher: Delegated powers up to a ceiling of £5,000 on any single item purchased, without reference to the Finance Committee (unless these purchases have already been agreed by governors within the reported School/Premises or ICT Development Plans).  Any emergency expenditure of more than £5,000 on maintenance of the site will be reported to the committee.  
  2. Committee Level: expenditure up to £15,000.
  1. To monitor spending and examine outturn figures during the financial year.
  2. To follow the LA’s guidelines when entering into contractual agreements.
  3. To determine charges for lettings
  4. To liaise with the Raising Achievement members and the full Governing Body over matters relating to School Development Plans.
  5. To determine the staffing levels and annual teaching staff establishment and recruit in line with Safer Recruitment Guidelines.
  6. Ensure up to date and relevant training regarding safeguarding procedures are in place and monitor the effectiveness of policies and practices;
  7. To determine the grades for non-teaching staff in accordance with LA Job Evaluation.
  8. To advise the Governing Body of and approve the School Charging Policy.
  9. Implement, review and approve finance policy on an annual basis.
  10. Review and approve the School Pay policy on an annual basis.
  11. To monitor and evaluate staff absences in line with the Staff Absence Management Policy.
  12. To implement the governing Body’s Pay Policy for all staff (teaching and non-teaching) including the annual review of teachers salaries, Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teachers as required by law.
  13. To advise on matters relating to competitive tendering.
  14. To consider and report to the Governing Body on aspects of building and premises including monitoring the (DDA) Disability Discrimination Action Plan and Equal Opportunities compliance.
  15. To determine the number and deployment of posts above the basic level.
  16. To ensure that arrangements for Performance Management/Threshold Payments are implemented.
School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) Remit To consider annually the Schools Financial Value Standards (SFVS).   Building and Sites Remit                                              RAISING ACHIEVEMENT (STRATEGIC PLANNING) COMMITTEE                      Quorum 3 Remit:   APPRAISERSRemit Performance management/appraisal regulations require governing bodies to appoint two or three governors to appraise the Head Teacher.  The appointed governors must undertake the performance review with the External Adviser ensuring that clear objectives are set and monitored.   Clear assessment should be made of performance overall and in particular the extent to which the Head Teacher has achieved his/her objectives.  They must prepare a written statement recording the main points made by the appraiser, the Head Teacher’s response and the conclusions reached.  The recommendation for deciding whether or not to award a performance point on the pay spine is delegated to the governors conducting the performance review who must be mindful of the School’s Pay Policy. Any alteration to the school ISR (Individual School Range) must be made with the approval of the delegated committee.   COMPLAINTS/CONCERNS AND APPEALS COMMITTEES                                  Quorum 3 Chair of Complaints:                        To be appointed at time of meeting.               Chair of Appeals Committee:          To be appointed at time of meeting.   Clerk: Pool Membership for Complaints and Appeals Committees (excluding staff) A Governor who serves on a Complaints Committee may not serve on an Appeals Committee (Gender balance of governors should sit on each Committee if possible subject to availability of respective governors). Complaints/Concerns Committee Remit: Appeals Committee Remit:


Election of Parent Governors

When a vacancy occurs, parents are invited to submit nominations to the Head teacher using a prescribed form, which is delivered to parents by pupils.