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Admission arrangements for full-time school – September 2020:

Children start full-time primary school in the academic year in which they turn five years of age. The first class they will attend is called the Reception Class. Preference forms are issued to parents in the academic year before their child starts school. They should be obtained from and returned to the Local Authority. Parents can apply for schools in another Local Authority using the preference form. Local Authorities co-ordinate with each other to allocate school places. If a preference form is not returned for your child, then a place will be allocated by the Local Authority, this will be at a school that has places left after all other applications have been processed. Please note that you have to apply for a reception place even if your child already attends our school nursery. Middlesbrough Council have introduced an on-line school admissions service. You will need to have access to an Internet connected computer; this could be at your home or at your local library, community centre etc. When you receive your application pack it will include details of how to apply on-line together with a log-on id and password. The on-line system will be open for parents to apply on-line after the application forms have been sent out, until the closing date as shown in the timetable. The system will then close and re-open on the date that the notification letters are issued; it will then display your child’s allocated school. For children born between 01/09/2015 to 31/08/2016 who wish to join our Reception Class from September 2020 please contact: Middlesbrough Borough Council School Admissions School Admissions team PO Box 505 Civic Centre Middlesbrough TS1 9FZ Telephone: (01642) 201890 There will be occasions when other pupils wish to transfer between schools, for example, if a family moves into the area. In this event, the parent should contact School Admissions 01642 201890. Parents wishing to transfer their child to another school should also contact School Admissions on 01642 201890.

Nursery Admissions

Parents who would like their child to attend our Nursery should complete an admissions form, available from the school office: Children can be admitted following their third birthday depending on the demand for places. Our Head Teacher considers admissions to nursery classes, giving priority in accordance with the following guidelines:-
  1. (i)  Children aged 4+ who live in the admission zone for the school
  2. (ii)  Children aged 4+ who live outside the admission zone but who have a brother or sister attending the school at the time the nursery child will be admitted.
  3. (iii)  Children aged 3+ who live within the defined admission zone for the school.
  4. (iv)  Children aged 3+ who live outside the admission zone but who have an elder brother or sister attending the school at the time the nursery child is to be admitted.
  5. (v)  Other children aged 4+
  6. (vi)  Other children aged 3+
Parents should note children admitted to our school Nursery class are not guaranteed a place in the Reception Class and will need to apply for a Reception place as detailed. Please find a copy of our Nursery booklet by clicking here Please find a copy of our Nursery Application Form by clicking here Please find a copy of our 2-year old Nursery Booklet by clicking here  School will contact parents using the information on the Nursery Application Form and will arrange a start date for their child. School will then need the following documents to be presented and photocopied by the office: We have a 39 place Nursery and the opening times are as follows: Morning Nursery 8.45 until 11.45 Afternoon Nursery 12.30 until 15.30