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Whinneybanks Primary School

Tel: 01642 817713 Head Teacher: Mrs S Thorpe Email: whinneybanks@mcschools.org.uk SEND Coordinator: Mrs N Watson Chair of Governors: Mrs L Green

Whinneybanks Primary School
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Nov 2017

Our Governors

Who are the Governors?

The Governing Body was reconstituted in September 2003 following amalgamation and parental ballots in the school. The composition of the present Governing Body is as follows. Governors can be contacted via the school.

Clerk to the Governors – Children, Families and Learning, Vancouver House, Middlesbrough.
Chair of Governors – Mrs L Green – can be contacted via the school.

Governing Board Membership Term of office  




Start End
Mrs S Thorpe 01.09.2013   Head Teacher  
Mrs L Green * 27/08/2016 26/08/2020 Co opted GB
Miss R Harrison 13/11/2015 12/11/2019 Co opted GB
Mrs P Jones 01/09/2015 31/08/2019 Co opted GB
Rev D King 08/11/2013 07/11/2017 Co opted GB
Mrs D Martin 14/10/2016 13/10/2020 Co opted GB
Mr M Pottinger 18/06/2014 17/06/2018 Co opted GB
Mr J Smith 07/03/2014 06/03/2018 Co opted GB
Mrs A-M McNaughton 19/01/2016 18/01/2020 Parent Elected
Mrs L Spearing 04/12/2014 03/12/2018 Parent Elected
Mrs S Arshad 06/10/2017 05/10/2021 Parent Elected
Mrs A Colegate 03/11/2013 02/11/2017 Staff GB

*Governor at Acklam Grange School


Election of Parent Governors

When a vacancy occurs, parents are invited to submit nominations to the Head teacher using a prescribed form, which is delivered to parents by pupils.

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