Whinneybanks Primary School

Tel: 01642 817713 Head Teacher: Mrs S Thorpe Email: whinneybanks@mcschools.org.uk SEND Coordinator: Mrs N Watson Chair of Governors: Mrs L Green

Whinneybanks Primary School

Today is


Mar 2018

Our Staff

Staffing at Whinney Banks Primary School

Headteacher Mrs S Thorpe
Assistant Headteacher Miss V Harron
Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Farrow
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N Watson
Teaching Staff
Year Group Name Title
Nursery Mrs A Colegate Teacher
  Mrs J Dunn Senior Teaching Assistant
Reception Miss R Verrill Teacher
  Miss A Gordon / Miss V Harron Teacher / Assistant Head Teacher
  Mrs S Hamari Senior Teaching Assistant
Y1 Miss R Harrison Teacher
  Mrs R Garbutt Teacher
  Miss M Eddon Teacher
Y2 Mrs G Cain Teacher & Reading Intervention Teacher
  Mrs H Bennett Teacher
  Miss K Auton Teacher
Y3 Mr S Shaw Teacher
  Miss V Adams Teacher
Y4 Mr M Cuthbertson Teacher & Senior Leadership Team
  Mr A Darcy Teacher
Y5 Miss A Azam Teacher
  Mr M Bell Teacher
Y6 Mr A Grimes Teacher & Senior Leadership Team
  Mrs S McLean Teacher
Additional Teaching Staff
Mrs J Allan
Mrs C Craggs
Mrs H Hollocks
Mr P Potter
Miss A Reynolds
Ms A Ronsano
Mrs V Rose
Mrs S Bewley
Teaching Assistants
Ms P Allan
Miss H Atkinson
Mrs N Barnett
Miss C Biggs
Mrs J Caveney
Miss D Cowling
Mrs M Densley
Mr D Foster
Mrs S Hamari
Mrs T Hillerby
Mrs R Whitehead
Miss E Iredale
Miss E Roberts
Miss H Johnson
Mrs L Lamb
Mrs L Loftus
Mrs D Martin
Mrs W Olone
Mrs C Taylor


School Support  
Mr E Codd Sports Coach
Mrs A Cattermole Senior School Adminitrator
Mrs J Stephenson School Administrator
Ms K McKeown Family Liaison Officer
Mr S Wilson Caretaker
Mr T Dearden School Buildings Manager
Mrs S Thorpe Head Teacher


Whinneybanks Primary School Tower Clock