Whinneybanks Primary School

Tel: 01642 817713 Head Teacher: Mrs S Thorpe Email: whinneybanks@mcschools.org.uk SEND Coordinator: Mrs N Watson Chair of Governors: Mrs L Green

Whinneybanks Primary School

Today is


Mar 2018


Welcome to the Whinney Banks Primary School website!

Please look through our pages to see some of the exciting things that have been happening at our school.

The staff at Whinney Banks Primary School are committed to being an open, supportive and professional team who respect one another and work together to make a difference.

We aim to create a positive atmosphere of trust, respect and high expectations between pupils, staff, parents and other professionals.

We are determined to foster a happy, safe and calm environment where children behave well and become confident, independent learners.

We encourage pupils to:

  • care for one another
  • develop self-esteem
  • take a pride in their work
  • take responsibility for their action
  • strive for high standards in both behaviour and academic achievement

Staff seek to treat all children fairly and to have high expectations of each individual in order to unlock their true potential.

We are committed to providing children with a broad and balanced curriculum delivered in a high quality, stimulating manner, using first hand experience and practical activities wherever possible and relevant.

In these ways we strive to be seen as a successful school, which is an accepted and valued part of the community, where parents are happy to send their children and to which children are happy to come.

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